Karelle BOLON

 4 times France champion (youth categories)         In 2013 and 2014, living in Cambodia,

she began introducing Chess in schools          near Siem Reap City.                                             The alea of life  forced her to come back to France .
In 2015, the chance to my internet researches  led me to her site. I contacted her. She immediately answered me and gave me valuable informations and advices.

 Tactfully, she passed to me her Cambodian "torch".   .....



Franco-Georgian, Nino is a high-level player. Grand Master Female since 2009.       Champion of France (2013 and 2014).            French Female Champion 2016 and 2018  in blitz games.
Most importantly, she has actively collaborated on a number of projects to promote Chess in French Polynesia, Africa, France, Georgia, Switzerland ...

In 2013, at the request of World Champion Susan POLGAR , she became the ambassador of the International Federation for a mission to Madagascar to promote women's chess.


Christian BAUER

Born in 1977 ... Champion of France in 1996.
G.M.I (Grand Master International) in 1997.
Vice-champion of Europe by team in 2001.
A new French Champion in 2012 and 2015.
Bronze medalist at the Olympiad in 2018.
Author and popular translator of theoretical chess books.



                      Marie SEBAG                         

Several years best french female player.

Several times Female European Champion.  19th world player (2018)

                                     Léo ALVIN

 A graduate of a Master in Sustainable Development and International Relations                                                  (lien linkedin)

He is also passionate about Chess.                            His FIDE ranking is 2051.  He recently had the opportunity to beat a German Master and to draw against Latvia's  Jusefs PETKEVITCH (International Grand Master)  .....


Originally from  ex-Yougoslavie, Ann ANKICA-KURAJICA settled, more than 20 years ago, on the Canary Islands.         National Chess Instructor of the Spanish Federation, she is above all a pedagogue fully committed.



         Ivette Alejandra GARCIA MORALES


Born in 1994.

International Master (MI).

Member of the Olympic team of Mexico.

From 2012 to 2018, she has already participated in four Olympic Games (in Turkey, Norway, Azerbaijan and Georgia).

Coach of the Mexican Under-16 Olympic Team (in Turkey 2018).

American medalist, Panamerican Youth, Pan-American U-20, Pan American University and Silver Medalist at the World Class C Olympiad.