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 fabruary  2016

                                      april 2016

Why there ?



First action










to Chiro,

very closed to Kampong Cham

whith N.G.O.  OBT

This is the first time I have reached my class, barefoot, on a ladder, and I authorize a zebu to graze in a corner of the playground.

This is also the first time I have seen groups of children  (ages of  7 and 15) as homogeneous in the desire (almost thirsty)  to learn, attention,                       responsiveness, assimilation's rapidity                                                                                                                                                                         
In some photographs, the eyes of the children testify.

Mr Vuthy was the emeritus and precious translator of my English nivel.

The sessions : at least one hour per day and per group, even on Sundays and often, informally, in the early evening ...
Three children (Sal Somngang, Seng Devith and Hak Dararith) quickly progressed.

They will soon be responsible for managing the material and transmitting the basics to others.
The OBT site can now announce to future volunteer foreigners the possibility of coming to teach Chess in this school.


The seed has been sown. I will ensure  the evolution of its growth.




2th action




North Laos,

to l'E.N.S. de Luang Prabang



N.G.O. "Compter sur Demain" , intérested in my project,  introduced me to Luang Prabang School Teachers

L'E.N.S. trains future teachers for 5 years.
Most of the pupils are from the northern provinces where many  remote villages miss educational facilities and teachers.

Without financial support from the NGO, many of these students would not be able to  study.


Zoé Pontida, young Breton in "Civic Service" in this School has effectively prepared my coming.

20 students, 5 per level, were selected. They will be responsible for initiating others.

This initiation took place over 2 weeks, from 1h30 to 2h per day.

Their level in French is still average but they compensate by their seriousness and attention.

This initiation will be continued by Zoé PONTIDA, also a Chess player, until the end of the year.





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